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Connecticut Colonial and Revolutionary War Era Items

The items on this page cover the period to the end of the Revolutionary War, although some items dated after the Revolution are included here if they are for payment for service during the War or involve prominent people in that struggle.

Patriot Governor Jonathan Trumbull Revolutionary War Date Autograph and Steel Engraving


1772 Lawsuit Against Governor Jonathan Trumbull

Oliver Ellsworth 1777 Revolutionary War Signed Document

Connecticut's First United States Senator, Chief Justice of United States and Diplomat to Napoleon's France

Framed with Ralph Earl Depiction of Ellsworth at Home with Wife Abigail Wolcott Ellsworth




1791 Treasurer Signed Receipt for Cash Received from Roger Sherman

"Received ...per hand of Hon. Roger Sherman Esq., Cash Thirty pounds"





Jedidiah Huntington, Revolutionary War General and George Washington Friend, 1789 Signed Tax Writ to Town of Cheshire



1780 Treasury Note for Continental Army Service

Payment for 1781 Continental Army Service Under Lafayette at Yorktown

Oliver Wolcott, Secretary of Treasury Under George Washington and John Adams Authorizes Payment in 1784



1729 Joseph Trumbel, Father of  Patriot Governor Jonathan Trumbull

Lawsuit Summons to Collect Debt or Commit Debtor "unto the Keeper of the Goal."

"Statue of Colonel Thomas Knowlton Ceremonies At The Unveiling"


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