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1791 Treasurer Signed Receipt for Cash Received from Roger Sherman

"Received ...per hand of Hon. Roger Sherman Esq., Cash Thirty pounds"

    This Connecticut Treasury receipt was given to the famous Roger Sherman for cash he hand delivered to the Treasurer Peter Colt on behalf of his younger brother, Reverend Nathaniel Sherman. So this document was held in Roger Sherman's hand, a man who was the only one to have signed the four great documents of America's creation (the Articles of Association, the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution). At the time of the transaction reflected in our document Roger Sherman was both a United States Senator and Mayor of New Haven.

    The Connecticut Treasurer who signed and gave the document to Sherman was Peter Colt, who was born at Lyme, Connecticut, in 1744. In 1774 he was appointed one of the New Haven Town Committee of Correspondence. In 1775 he became military secretary to General Wooster. In 1777 Congress appointed him Deputy Commissary General of Purchases for the Eastern Department, which included New England and a part of New York, and this gave him the rank of colonel; he was subsequently an active assistant to Colonel Jeremiah Wadsworth in furnishing supplies to the French Troops under Rochambeau. From 1789 to 1793 he was Treasurer of Connecticut, in which capacity he signed our document.

Price: $195/ SOLD