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Historic Memorabilia

The majesty of American history has produced a plethora of objects memorializing important persons and events. This category includes items of historic memorabilia that are not autographs, prints, or items specifically produced for political campaigns. Currently this page emphasizes memorabilia from Presidential inaugurations in honor of the historic inauguration of Barack Obama on January 20, 2009. (For Obama election newspapers click this link.)

Click on the item titles or pictures below for more information and prices.

Presidential Inaugurations

1849 Inauguration of Zachary Taylor

Historic Newspaper report of "enormous price" of $10 Inaugural Ball Tickets with a listing of the menu items

California Gold Rush Sailing Ship Advertisements

1849 Inauguration of Zachary Taylor

Historic Newspaper Includes Compete Inauguration Speech and Editorial

California Gold Rush Guides and Advertisements!

Abraham Lincoln Election, Inauguration and First Year in Office

Rare Bound Harper's Weekly November 10, 1860 through December 28, 1861

Covers Southern Secession and Start of Civil War

Many Winslow Homer Wood Engravings

Part of Double Page Centerfold View of Lincoln Inauguration

1861 Harper's Weekly

Inauguration of Abraham Lincoln and First Tumultuous Year in Office

Secession of Southern States and Start of Civil War


1877 Harper's Weekly

The Stolen Election of 1877, the Electoral Commission, The Inauguration of Rutherford P. Hayes

Frederick Douglas, the Brooklyn Bridge and Many Wood Engravings

1901 Official Program of the Presidential Inaugural Ceremonies

William McKinley and Theodore Roosevelt

1901 Inaugural Ball Program and Dance Card

Inauguration of President William McKinley and Vice President Theodore Roosevelt

1905 Theodore Roosevelt Portrait Inauguration Ribbon Badge

Theodore Roosevelt 1901 and 1905 Inaugurations Commemorative Medal in Green Case

1909 President William H. Taft

United States Mint Bronze Inauguration Medal

1909 Taft and Sherman Presidential Inauguration Watch Fob


1933 Franklin D. Roosevelt First Inauguration

Historic Official Inaugural Program


See also a nice FDR signed document.

1949 Harry Truman Official Inauguration Program

1949 Truman Inauguration Ticket

1949 Truman Ribbon Badge

1957 Inaugural Program in Pristine Condition

Cover Portraits by Norman Rockwell


John F. Kennedy 1961 Inauguration Memorabilia

Inaugural Programs, Invitation, Event tickets, etc.


1965 President Lyndon Johnson Inaugural Ribbon

Official 1965 Inauguration Book

1977 Carter and Mondale Inauguration Invitation

Theodore Roosevelt Dramatic Rough Rider on Horse Tin Plate

President James A. Garfield Glass Plate

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