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The Founding Period From 1783 until the Civil War

    This section includes material from the conclusion of the Revolutionary War until the Civil War. Of special interest are the pamphlets and books regarding the revolution in government effectuated by the 1818 Constitution which overturned the Standing Order, provided religious freedom for the first time and separated the judicial, legislative and executive functions of Connecticut's government.

Autograph Document of Roger Griswold, Federalist Governor who refused to supply troops to fight British in War of 1812


1803 Pamphlet Defending Federalist Government by David Daggett (Simon Hold-Fast)
"Facts are Stubborn Things or Nine Plain Questions"

1804 Pamphlet "On the Proposition for a New Constitution" by David Daggett (Jonathan Steadfast)
"Count the Costs"

Rare First Edition of "Connecticut In Transition 1775-1818" by Richard Purcell

1786 Tax Summons to Town of Derby Signed By Connecticut Treasurer John Lawrence

"Historical Notes on the Constitutions of Connecticut and on the Constitutional Convention of 1818" by J. Hammond Trumbull, State Comptroller 1901 Reprint with Signed Transmittal to Acorn Club member

1819 Connecticut Register with Constitutional Convention, Vote of Freemen and New Constitution

1800 Judgment Execution Document Against Debtor with Return of Sheriff Showing Collection and Costs

"Memoirs of the Rev. Ammi Rogers...of the Episcopal Church...Persecuted in the State of Connecticut, on Account of Religion and Politics, for Almost 20 Years, And finally Falsely Accused and Imprisoned in Norwich Jail, for 2 years..."

The Impact of Theocracy in Connecticut on a Dissident Minister



1840 Connecticut Congressman Thomas W. Williams

Autograph Letter Signed Regarding Pension Matter


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