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Political Memorabilia

An integral party of American history is the political history of the nation, which generally encompasses the selection of candidates for national office and the major political issues that have divided the nation. The offerings here include political items such as buttons, ribbon badges, tickets, plates and prints. We have many of these items, especially national political convention and inaugural items, which will increasingly dominate this category as we complete stocking this online store. Some illustrative featured items are pictured below.

Presidential Inauguration memorabilia can be found here

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William Howard Taft Political Ribbon

1900 Democratic National Convention Ticket With Thomas Jefferson Pictured

Convention Selected William Jennings Bryan As Their Presidential Candidate

Guide to 1933 Inauguration of Franklin D. Roosevelt and John Nance Garner

President Nixon's Last Election Campaign Rally Broadside and Worker Pass


1872 Vanity Fair Print of President Ulysses S. Grant


1872 Vanity Fair Caricature of Abolitionist Senator Charles Sumner

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