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1729 Joseph Trumble (Father of Jonathan Trumbull) Lawsuit Summons to Collect Debt or Commit Debtor "unto the Keeper of the Goal."

    The great early writ of Joseph Trumble, father of Jonathan Trumbull, seeks to collect a debt from Nathaniel Washburn of 10 pounds or have him committed to jail. The famous Trumbull family of Lebanon Connecticut changed the spelling of their name from Trumble (misspelled in the writ), to Trumbull, just before Jonathan became Governor of Connecticut in 1769. Besides the wartime Governor of Connecticut the Trumbull family directly served George Washington and the painter John Trumbull recorded the famous scenes of the signing of the Declaration of Independence and Revolutionary War battles.

    This partially printed writ is easy to read and is a wonderful early historic document by the founder of the famous Trumbull family which became so important as a participant and recorder of American history.

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