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1819 "Connecticut Register and United States Calendar"

Connecticut Constitutional Convention, Vote by Towns and New Constitution

    This small 169 page "Connecticut Register and United States Calendar for the Year of Our Lord 1819" published in late 1818 contains the new Connecticut Constitution, the delegates to the Constitutional Convention and the vote on the proposed constitution by the freeman of the state, listed by town. It is a very early publication of the constitution which for the first time separated church and state in Connecticut, provided a bill of rights, and separated the legislative, executive and judicial functions of state government. It is a rare piece of historical memorabilia that is packed with other period information about Connecticut, such as listing every doctor and lawyer in the state and every college in the Northeast.  There is a plethora of information on Yale College which was the state supported school in 1818 and the Register contains even the course of study as shown below. Tuition, room and board was estimated at $180 to $220 per year.

The United States government at the time was headed by President James Monroe, as shown below.

    The volume has 169 pages, does not have the wrappers and ends with a partial listing of Congressmen and is thus not complete (the 1820 Connecticut Manual has 176 pages, including an index at the end). But it is a very unique volume in the history of Connecticut and very few if any others are available (none were available on the internet as of this writing).

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