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Rare First Edition of "Connecticut In Transition 1775-1818" by Richard Purcell

    This book is an essential reference on early Connecticut history and the forces that maintained and then destroyed the Standing Order of Federalists and the Congregational Clergy which ruled Connecticut until the new Constitution of 1818. The excerpt above comes from the introduction of the 1963 reprint of this book, but what is offered here is the original 1st edition. Thanks to the internet you will not have to search 30 years or put it under lock and key (although my copy is guarded by two Rottweilers, a tough Irishman with a 38 Special and a security system). I have read the book and can attest to its quality. Some of the period pamphlets by David Daggett referred to in the book are also offered on the web site. Below is a picture of the spine of the book and the title page.

As of the date this was posted no other first editions of this book were available for sale.

Price: $150

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