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1900 Democratic National Convention Ticket With Thomas Jefferson Pictured

Convention Selected William Jennings Bryan As Their Presidential Candidate

The Democratic Party faced a dilemma in 1900 with prosperity and a popular incumbent President in William McKinley. They chose is to go again with their candidate of 1896, the charismatic populist William Jennings Bryan.

This ticket would have gotten you in to the convention hall in Kansas City to witness the drama and festivities. The ticket pictures Thomas Jefferson and an American Flag on the front and sepia toned pictures of the Kansas City convention hall before and after reconstruction. The ticket is thin and enclosed in a hard plastic sleve to protect its delicacy and there have been repairs to the ticket, most notably archival tape holding the stub to the ticket. The enlarged pictures of the front and back give a good reflection of the condition, which is good for such a thin paper historical artifact.

Price: $85/SOLD

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