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Mr. Frank Crisp

Lawyer, Botanist, Microscope Collector and Eccentric

This is an original 1890 Vanity Fair print by Sir Leslie War (signed "Spy") of Frank Crisp (later Sir. Frank Crisp) a lawyer, botanist and fanatical collector of microscopes. Crisp (1843-1919) amassed an unrivalled collection of microscopes and accessories, mainly in the 1870s and 1880s, accumulating almost 4000 items. This is one of few Vanity Fair prints picturing a scientific instrument.

As readers of the popular and informative book "The Great Influenza" know, the use of microscopes in American medical schools and hospitals was very rare to non-existent at the time this print was published. Europe was far ahead in science and medicine in 1892 but America rapidly caught up and surpassed Europe by World War I.

This print comes already matted to a standard 16 x 20" frame size so it will be easy and inexpensive to frame and is enclosed in a protective plastic sleeve.

Price: SOLD