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McKenney and Hall Indian Print

LEDAGIE, A Creek Chief

This McKenney and Hall print of a Creek Indian chief has a strong reddish hue from his headdress and scarf and he has a serious visage look about him. This is what Wikipedia says in the introduction to their article on the Creek Indians:

The Creek are an American Indian people originally from the southeastern United States, also known by their original name Muscogee (or Muskogee), the name they use to identify themselves today. Mvskoke is their name in traditional spelling. Modern Muscogees live primarily in Oklahoma, Alabama, and Florida. Their language, Mvskoke, is a member of the Creek branch of the Muskogean language family. The Seminole are close kin to the Muscogee and speak a Creek language as well. The Creeks are one of the Five Civilized Tribes.

Chief Ledagie will come matted in a color that compliments those of the print.

Price: SOLD