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McKenney and Hall Indian Print

KEOKUK, Chief of the Sauks and Foxes

This colorful portrait of Keokuk, Chief of the Sauks and Foxes, with a son at his feet, displays the accoutrements of native-American chiefdom. This portrait comes matted and with the biography from "The Indian Tribes of North America" which includes this description:

Keokuk is, in all respects, a magnificent savage. Bold, enterprising, and impulsive, he is also politic, and possesses an intimate knowledge of human nature, and a tact which enables him to bring the resources of his mind into prompt operation. Successful in his undertakings, yet there is a freshness and enthusiasm about him that throw a tinge of romance over many of his deeds, and would indicate a mind acting for effect rather than from the dictates of policy, if there were not abundant proofs of the calm judgment which forms the basis of his character.

Below is the start of the multi-page biography of Keokuk and his tribes which is included.

Below is the print in a green, 9 x 12 inch mat.