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McKenney and Hall Indian Print

"ENCAMPMENT OF PIEKANN INDIANS Near Fort McKenzie, on the Muscleshell River" by Carl Bodmer

This is a great small photogravure of Carl Bodmer's "ENCAMPMENT OF PIEKANN INDIANS Near Fort McKenzie, on the Muscleshell River" which originally appeared as an aquatint in 1839. McKenney and Hall included it in their book on Indians in later editions. A web site that pictures the print describes it thusly:

This plate is a reproduction of an aquatint which first appeared as Tableau 43 in the atlas to accompany Maximilian, Prinz von Wied's Travels in the Interior of North America..., published in German, French and English editions, 1839-1843. It is based on sketches and watercolors, most of which Bodmer executed during a visit to Fort McKenzie in the summer of 1833. The fort, operated by the American Fur Company, was actually located on the Missouri River near the Mouth of the Marias River, not far from present-day Fort Benton, Montana. The Piekann or Piegan are a branch of the Siksika or Blackfeet Nation. Bodmer was a consummate draftsman and the details revealed in this image make it a superb historical document. For example, the differing sizes of the tipis reveal the relative social status and material well-being of the occupants.

Below the print is shown matted in a color that complements the print to a size of 8 x 10 inches. The print is shrink-wrapped, which is why you see the reflection off the protective covering.

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