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McKenney and Hall Indian Print

AMISKQUEW, A Menominie Warrior

This Menominie warrior has an interesting headdress and presents a serious mien for his portrait. It come with a dark green matt and a complimentary green and wood color frame that is shown below.

Wikipedia describes the Menominee Indians thusly:

The Menominee (also spelled Menomini; known as Mamaceqtaw, "the people" in their own language) are a nation of Native Americans living in Wisconsin but also originating in Michigan. The name Menominee means "wild rice" (literally "good seed") in the Ojibwe language, as wild rice is one of their most important traditional staples...

The tribe originally lived in what is now upper Michigan around Mackinac. After selling their lands to the U.S. government in 1854, they were moved to their present reservation. Although their customs are quite similar to those of the Chippewa (Ojibwa), their language has a closer affinity to those of the Fox and Kickapoo tribes.

An Eastern Woodlands tribe, the Menominee belong to the Algonquian language branch of North America. They were known as "folles avoines" by the early French. The Menominees formerly subsisted on a wide variety of plants and animals, with wild rice and sturgeon being two of the most important foods; feasts are still held annually at which each of these is served. The five principal Menominee clans are the Bear, the Eagle, the Wolf, the Crane, and the Moose.

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