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Apache Medicine Man Hat

"it gave life and strength to him who wore it, enabled the owner to peer into the future, to tell who had stolen ponies from other people, to foresee the approach of an enemy, and to aid in the cure of the sick."

Shown above is the Apache Indian medicine hat acquired by Captain Burke on his travels in the West after the Civil War. Below is part of the text describing the hat and its uses which will come with the matted color lithograph.

The colorful print shown below is matted to fit in a standard sized 11 x 14 inch frame and is enclosed in a protective plastic sleeve. Below the print is washed out from a flash camera view and is a little crooked and uneven, but it is actually straight and very good looking. The slight foxing at the bottom of the page shown in the picture above is less visible in person.

  Price: SOLD


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