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Cheyenne Medicine Man Necklace of Human Fingers!

Here is something truly unusual! It is a lithograph of a necklace of human fingers taken from a Cheyenne medicine man during the Indian wars in Montana and Wyoming around 1877. The report of Captain Burke contains an extensive description of this and similar artifacts, the beginning of which is pictured below. Without going into details, beyond the fingers on the necklace there are other body parts and symbols included on this relic. The necklace was considered powerful medicine and its former owner petitioned for its return.

The colorful print as shown below is matted to fit in a standard sized 11 x 14 inch frame and is enclosed in a protective plastic sleeve. It comes with a copy of the extensive text describing this artifact in detail and its historical antecedents.

This unique print is not for the faint of heart, it is more for the serious Indian collector or one with the taste for the macabre.

Price: $185/SOLD

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