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Unique and Compelling Daniel Webster 1855 Colored Lithograph

Being from New England and an historical print collector I have seen a lot of Daniel Webster prints, but this is the most compelling portrait of the great man that I have ever seen. This print was published in New York by Schaus but the lithography was done by Julien in the offices of Francois Delarue on rue J. J. Rousseau in Paris, which probably explains the unique look of this print.  We could find no other copies of this print on the web or in other print reference works

Below is the title of the print, with the date in the small print and the reference to the lithographer JULIEN.

Below is the reference on the print to the publisher, Schaus on Broadway in New York

Julien the lithograph of this print apparently did his work in the office of Francois Delarue, as shown below. The Old Print Shop offers another colorful print from Delarue on the Rue J. J. Rousseau for $950.

Below the print is show with its full margins.

With great color, nice condition with the original margins, this compelling portrait of Daniel Webster should find a valued place in the collection of any American history aficionado or historical print collector.

Price: $650

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