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Historic Newspapers and Magazines

Civil War Through Today

Abraham Lincoln Election, Inauguration and First Year in Office

Rare Bound Harper's Weekly November 10, 1860 through December 28, 1861

Covers Southern Secession and Start of Civil War

Many Winslow Homer Wood Engravings

1861 Harper's Weekly

Inauguration of Abraham Lincoln and First Tumultuous Year in Office

Secession of Southern States and Start of Civil War


1877 Harper's Weekly

The Stolen Election of 1877, the Electoral Commission, The Inauguration of Rutherford P. Hayes

Frederick Douglas, the Brooklyn Bridge and Many Wood Engravings


Klu Klux Klan Newspapers

Two Invisible Empire Newspapers from the 1970s



President Lyndon B. Johnson Dead

Supreme Court in Roe v. Wade Rules Constitutional Right to Abortion

Complete New York Times


Barack Obama Election as President of United States

Complete Day After Election Historic Newspapers

All original (not commemorative editions sold late) and enclosed in plastic sleeve

Shipping Included

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