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Periodical Microfiche Library

A full text periodical library with over 130 periodicals and cabinets or individual periodical titles are for sale at a tremendous discount from the cost at which you can buy them from microfiche retail sales companies. These microfiche periodicals came from the library of Bradford College in Haverhill, Massachusetts which closed down in 1999 and sold at auction in 2002. Individual titles or the entire library are available.

 Periodicals Available

Below are the periodical titles we have and the dates of their runs, most of them over 10 years years but going as long as 43 years (i.e. Newsweek).  Most have indexes for the dates referenced and in a few cases ndexes are provided for dates beyond the periodical run. All the dates are inclusive, so if it says 1987 though  1999, the full year 1987 and 1999 are provided, as well as all the dates in between. The titles in bold are some of the more popular titles with long runs in the microfiche library.

If you are interested in specific titles email us and we will provide you a price and any additional information you may need. You can get a good idea of our prices from the list below with some sample retail prices from ProQuest's Serials in Microform Catalog and our price for the same item demonstrating the tremendous bargains available:

American Historical Review: Retail $148 per year, our price is $25 per year.

American Scientist: Retail $56.10 per year, our price is $10 per year.

Business Week: Retail $569 per year, our price is $100 per year.

Commentary: Retail $89 per year, our price is $15 per year.

Economist: Retail $665 per year, our price is $100 per year.

Foreign Affairs: Retail $75 per year, our price is $15 per year.

Harvard Business Review: Retail $103 per year, our price is $20 per year.

Industry Week: Retail $363 per year, our price is $50 per year.

Journal of Asian Studies: Retail $64 per year, our price is $10 per year.

Life: Retail $163 per year, our price is $25 per year.

Maclean's: Retail $407 per year, our price is $50 per year.

Nation: Retail $117 per year, our price is $20 per year.

New England Journal of Medicine: Retail $422 per year, our price is $75 per year.

New Yorker: Retail $442 per year, our price is $55 per year.

Newsweek: Retail $326 per year, our price is $50 per year (We have 43 years, 1957-1991!)

Psychology Today: Retail $91 per year, our price is $15 per year.

Science: Retail $355 per year, our price is $45 per year.

Time: Retail $346 per year, our price is $45 per year.

US News & World Report: Retail $342 per year, our price is $45 per year.

American Anthropologist  1987-1999
American Economic Review 1987-1999
American Film Oct 1987-Feb 1992
American Historical Review 1987-1999
American Journal of Psychology Spring 1990-Fall 1999
American Journal of Public Health 1988-1999
American Journal of Sociology July 1987-Jan 2000
American Political Science Review Mar 1974-Dec 1981 and Mar 1987-Dec 1999
American Psychologist 1984-1999
American Scholar Winter 1985/86-Autumn 1999
American Scientist 1984-1999
American Sociological Review Feb 1987-Dec1999
Arts Magazine Sept 1979-June 1985
Asian Survey 1982-1999                     
Atlantic 1985-1999
Beijing Review 1990-1995
Biological Bulletin Feb 1984-Dec 1999
Bioscience 1987-1999
Broadcasting Jan 1, 1990-Feb 22, 1993
Broadcasting and Cable Mar 1, 1993-Dec 20,1999
Business Week Jan 12, 1987-Jan 3, 2000
Child Development Feb 1990-Sept/Oct 1999
Christian Century 1987-1999
Chronicle of Higher Education Mar 7, 1997-Feb 25, 2000
College English Jan 1987-Mar 2000
Commentary 1987-1999 with indexes for 1984-86
Commonweal 1978-1999
Comparative Political Studies Apr 1975-Dec 1998
Comparative Politics Oct 1975-Dec 1999
Comparative Studies In Society and History Jan 1987-Oct 1998
Congressional Digest 1990-1991
Daily Congressional Record & Congressional Record Index 104th Congress, Jan-Sept 1995
Contemporary Literature Spring 1987-Winter 1999
Current History 1980-1999
Datamation Jan 1, 1990- Dec 15, 1993 plus indexes for 1988-89
Developmental Psychology 1993-Nov 1999
Discover 1987-1999
Ecology 1994-1999
Economist 1987-1999 plus indexes for 1985-86
English Historical Review 1976-Oct 1984
Environment 1992-1999
Forbes 1984-1999 with many special issues and supplements
Foreign Affairs Fall 1987-May/June 1999
Foreign Policy Winter 1987-88- Spring 2000
Fortune 1987-1999
Futurist 1987-1999 plus indexes 1982-86
Genders Spring 1988-Winter 1993
Harper's 1985-1999
Harvard Business Review 1987-1999
Hastings Center Report Feb 1982-July/Aug 1999
History and Theory Feb 1987-Dec 1999
History Today 1975-1999
HR Magazine 1980-1999
Humanist 1987-1999
INC 1990-1993
Industry Week Jan 8, 1990-Dec 6, 1999
International Organization Winter 1987-Autumn 1999
Journal of the American Medical Association JAMA Sept 23, 1992-Dec 22, 1999
Journal of Abnormal Psychology Feb 1986-Nov 1999
Journal of Accountancy 1990-1999
Journal of American History June 1987-Dec 1999
Journal of Applied Psychology Feb 1980-Dec 1999
Journal of Asian Studies Nov 1982-Nov 1999
Journal of Business Strategy Summer 1983-Nov/Dec 1998
Journal of Community Psychology 1994-Nov 1999
Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology Feb 1990-Dec 1999
Journal of Economic Literature Mar 1987-Dec 1999
Journal of Marketing 1989-Oct 1999
Journal of Modern History Mar 1987-Dec 1999
Journal of Personality Mar 1990-Oct 1999
Journal of Personality and Social Psychology July 1991-Dec 1999
Journal of Popular Culture Summer 1990-Spring 1999
Journal of Social Issues Spring 1988-Winter 1998
Journal of History of Ideal 1980-Oct 1999
Journal of Transpersonal Psychology 1987-1991
Jump Cut 1993-1995
Kenyon Review Winter 1987-Summer/Fall 99
Latin American Perspectives Winter 1987-Nov 1997
Life 1980-1999
Maclean's 1990-Jan 2000
Massachusetts Review Spring 1981-Winter 1983
Middle East Journal Winter 1990-Autumn 1999
Monthly Labor Review 1987-1999
MS. July/Aug 1987-Sep/Oct 1998
Nation 1980-1999
National Academy of Sciences (U.S.) Proceedings 1989-1993
National Review 1985-1999
Nature 1990-Sept 30, 1999
New England Business 1987-April 1992
New England Journal of Medicine 1992-1999
New England Quarterly Mar 1990-Sep 1999
New Republic 1980-1999
New Scientist 1988-1999
New Yorker Feb 26, 1990-Feb 14, 2000
Newsweek 1957-1999 (43 years!)
North American Review Mar 1987-Nov/Dec 1999
Papers on Language & Literature Winter 1987-Fall 1999
Paris Review Spring 1987-Winter 1999
Partisan Review Winter 1987-Fall 1999
Personality & Social Psychology Bulletin Mar 1987-Dec 1999
Personnel Journal 1990-1996
Phi Delta Kappan Sept 1983-Mar 2000
Philosophy 1987-Oct 1990
Philosophy and Public Affairs Fall 1979-Fall 1998
Philosophy Today Spring 1987-Winter 1998
PMLA Publications of the Modern Language Assoc. of America 1987-Nov 1999
Political Science Quarterly Spring 1987-Winter 1999-2000
Problems of Communism 1975-May/June 1992
Progressive 1984-1999 plus 1983 index
Psychological Bulletin 1980-Nov 1998
Psychology Today 1981-1999
Restaurant Business 1997-1999
Science 1980-1999
Science News 1980-1999
Scientific American 1981-1999
Shakespeare Quarterly Winter 1960-Autumn 1967
Sloan Management Review Fall 1987-Winter 2000
Social Forces Sept 1987-Dec 1999
Social Problems Feb 1987-Nov 1999
Society: The Journal of the British Sociological Association Feb 1987-Nov 1999
Speculum (Medieval Academy of America) Jan 1982-Oct 1984
Survey of Current Business 1982-Oct 1984
Time 1978-1999 (22 years)
UN Chronicle 1991-1999
UNESCO Courier (The Courier) 1987-1999
USA Today (Not the newspaper) July 1987-June 1991
US News & World Report 1980-1999
Victorian Studies Winter 1977-Summer 1983
Workforce 1997-1999
Working Woman 1990-1999
World Politics Oct 1987-July 1999
World Press Review Mar 1980-Dec 1999

About Microfiche

Microfiche are 4"x6" scanned pictures of the multiple pages of a periodical. They can be read by viewing on microfiche readers. Readers are inexpensive and reliable (I picked mine up at an auction for $15). One of the best ways to get a reader is to do a search on eBay for "fiche" and the readers are often in the "computers and office equipment" category and I've seen many with a modest starting price of less than $25. This is a great way to do research in the comfort of your own home. Periodicals, genealogical data and detailed automobile and motorcycle information often can be purchased most economically and with the least consumption of valuable space by use of microfiche, which is why it is used by libraries.

Microfiche can also be taken to a library or a family history center to be read. Those genealogical centers and libraries often have microfiche reader printers so prints can be made if you want a paper copy.


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