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Vintage Photograph of "IMPEACH EARL WARREN" Road Sign

This is a vintage photograph of a road sign calling for the impeachment of controversial Supreme Court Chief Justice Earl Warren to "SAVE AMERICA." It was probably taken in the late 1950s or early 1960s in one of the Southern states.

The main reasons the advocates for the impeachment of Warren were agitated about him were twofold. First, opponents believed the Supreme Court had abrogated to itself the power of establishing political policies previously the exclusive province of elected legislative bodies. And secondly, they disapproved of the direction of those policies, which were generally perceived as liberal polices that could not be enacted by legislative bodies because they had insufficient support from voters (e.g., prohibiting school prayer, revising state electoral districts, giving criminals more protections and creating new "privacy" rights, such as abortion) Even some people who supported most of the liberal policies of the Court believed they should be implemented only when they achieved majority electoral support and were passed by elected legislators rather than the Supreme Court.

The photograph is a bit rumpled and aged as shown above

Price: SOLD