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Chief Justice Charles Evans Hughes 1945 Signed Letter

This is an odd little letter for the collector. Charles Evans Hughes was twice a Supreme Court justice, first under Presidents William Howard Taft and Woodrow Wilson as an Associate Justice, resigning to try to take Wilson's job in 1916, and later under Presidents Herbert Hoover and Franklin Roosevelt as Chief Justice. The letter is on Supreme Court stationary and dated April 16, 1945, but Hughes resigned from the Supreme Court in 1941 after he had worked vigorously and successfully to thwart Franklin Roosevelt's court packing scheme. So either the letter is misdated or Hughes continued to use Supreme Court stationary as his private stationary.  Despite his advanced age (the letter responds to a greeting on his 82nd birthday on April 11), Hughes still pens a big, clear, vigorous signature for this letter.

The letter comes with the Supreme Court envelope in which Hughes sent it, but the stamp has been cut out.

Price: $85/SOLD