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1781 Annual Register

Selected Contents


American Revolution   pp. 30-97 and 118 -136

Benedict Arnold Treachery & Reward pp 37-49

Major Andre capture, trial & hanging pp 37-49

 Battles in Carolinas, Camden aftermath, Cornwallis, Tarleton, King’s Mountain, Morgan and Greene  pp 51-72; the Battle of Guildford and the terrible cost of British victory.

 Benedict Arnold in Virginia vs. Lafayette and others, Continental Army Mutiny, Lord Rawdon in Charleton, mention of General Marion (Swamp Fox).  Pp 73-97

 Cornwallis in Virginia. Washington’s deceptive communication and feint towards NY, movement South,   pp 119-136

 Yorktown and Surrender of Cornwallis PP 127-136

 Benedict Arnold attack on New London and Groton, Fort Griswold pp 125-6 (See http://users.adelphia.net/~revwar/AnnualReg.html for the full text of this account).

 Congress President Henry Lauren captured by British at Sea , put in Tower of London for treason pp 143-44

 British Parliament debate on American war shows delusions of future victory pp 150-162


Trial of Lord George Gordon for Treason for instigating the anti-Catholic riots in London in 1780

An account of various naval battles between the British, French and Americans, including the ships Flora, Crscent, Castor, Zephyr, La Senegal,  Nonesuch, Savage and Congress


 King’s Address to Parliament Nov 1, 1780, he whines that “The whole force and faculties of the monarchies of France and Spain are drawn forth and exerted to the utmost to support the rebellion of my colonies in North America…” pp 282  Parliament replies 

 Henry Laurens petition to House of Commons to be released from Tower of London saying he was on official business when captured and is ill.  Pp 323-4

 Intercepted letter from George Washington to Benjamin Harrison, Speaker of the House of Delegates, Richmond, VA, pp 256-8

 Intercepted letter from John Adams to Thomas Cushing, Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts,  pp 258-60


 Character of Emperor Constantine from Gibbon’s History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire p. 1

 An Account of John Law and of the Mississippi Scheme, 1717 which was to promote French settlement of the Louisiana territory pp 24-28


Joseph Priestley's Analysis of Perspiration of the Body  p. 52

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