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"MEMOIRS OF THE LIFE AND CHARACTER OF EDMUND BURKE," by James Prior, published in Philadelphia in 1825

Philadelphia, Abraham Small, xx, 507 pages, by James Prior. This is an early biography of Edmund Burke by James Prior published in 1825. It was so popular that the year following a two volume set was published by Prior, much like the history of the earlier Bisset biography.

Above is text explaining Burke role in the creation, writing and editing of the Annual Register, which nowhere bears his name, and below are copies of Burke's signed receipts for payment proving his role in the important historic journals.

There is label inside the front cover that says "EX LIBRIS JACOBI EMOT, BIBILOTHECAE REDWOODIANAE"  with a printed date indicating is was accepted in June 1886 and a illegible signature above the label. There are stamps on the frontpiece and title page shown above the indicate the library was incorporated in 1747. There is also a library label on the spine with numbering above the title label which reads "LIFE OF BURKE." The cover shows wear on the edges and corners and there is an old repaired crack between the spine and the boards. Everything is holding together quite nicely, especially given the age and the retention of the original spine and boards.

Price: $175/SOLD