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"The American Sportsman: Containing Hints to Sportsmen, Notes on Shooting, and the Habits of the Game Birds, and Wild Fowl of America"

Literate Advice on Shooting Game Birds and Water Fowl In 1855 by Dr. Elisha J. Lewis

This book is a classic and a delight to read for anyone interested in shooting game birds and wild fowl or anyone that loves stories of the woods and fields. After the section on shooting, which includes rabbits and squirrels as well as birds, there is a large section on general hints for sportsmen on how to deal with terrain, their guns, chance injuries to self or their dogs and even cooking game. It is extremely well written by a doctor and is every bit as relevant today as it was in 1855. While I'm no big hunter I loved reading this 494 page book because it treats the outdoors as a true joy and hunting and shooting as an art. This is a must for a member of the National Rifle Association.

 Below are a sampling of the contents and the start of some chapters with nice graphics.


The book has some condition issues as shown by the nicely illustrated spine and cover. The binding is a little loose and probably should be repaired and the quality of the book and the value of this very early edition would justify the expenditure.

Price: $75

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