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"Register of Officers and Graduates of the United States Military Academy From 1801 to 1844"
(Published by Wm. L. Burroughs, New York, October 1844)

bound together with

"A Catalogue of the Graduates of the United States Military Academy from its establishment in 1801 to (June) 1848 giving the current rank of those in service, and the subsequent pursuits of those who have left service, as far as known, together with the Regulations For the Admission of Cadets and a Synopsis of Study Pursued at the Institution."
(Published by W. H. Graham, New York, 1847)


This is an extremely rare and early nonce volume that combines a Register with a chronological ordering of all graduates of the United States Military Academy at West Point from 1801 through 1844 with a Catalogue that provides a alphabetical listing of graduates with their military and non-military accomplishments from 1801 through 1848 with the admission requirements and the four year course of study.  This volume's chronological and alphabetical listing of graduates includes the Confederate President Jefferson Davis and just about every major Civil War general on both sides, including Robert E. Lee, Ulysses S. Grant, Winfield Scott, and Generals Sherman, Halleck, McClellan, Johnston, Early, Longstreet, etc.  Each of these is listed in both the chronological and alphabetical listings.

The page below shows the listing for Jefferson Davis and Robert E. Lee

The excerpt below shows the listing for Grant and McClelland

The final page of the Register is signed and it summarizes the current status of the West Point graduates to 1844.

Below are the qualifications for admission and the four year course of study at West Point in 1847 stated in the final two pages of the Catalogue.

The volume is a precursor to the famous two volume West Point Register by General George Cullum issued after the Civil War (only one set is offered  on the internet for over $1,800). The volume is bound and the cover is a bit roughed up as shown above, but tight with clean text. The Register (chronological listing with each class in order of academic rank) is 36 pages and the Catalogue (alphabetical listing with career accomplishments of each graduate) is 45 pages. There were no other copies of this available on the internet in either this form or as separate Registers and Catalogues. See below for some select individual volumes of rare single year Registers of Officers and Cadets at the U. S. Military Academy.

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