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The Founding of the Colony and State of Georgia 1731-1732

In First Two Volumes of Gentleman's Magazine

Georgia Charter Proposed, Seal Designed, Trustees, Including James Oglethorpe Selected, Plans Made and First Ship Leaves England to Establish Colony

Long Three Part Entertaining Description of Colony of South Carolina, Including Some of Georgia

These old and rare volumes provide a unique archive of documents and accounts of the founding of the British colony of Georgia on North America, what later became the State of Georgia in the United States of America. The two volumes, the very first two volumes of Gentleman's Magazine, which is the first monthly publication to be called a "magazine." Neither of these two volumes was available from any other source on the internet as of the date of this writing. These two volumes are made up mixed monthly editions , from the 1st to 5th editions.  However, the issues in which Oglethorpe and the other trustees are named (February 1732), the charter is granted by the King and has received its final approvals to establish Georgia (August 1732) and the setting sail of the ship Ann with Oglethorpe and the first settlers (November 1732) are all first editions!

Below is the start of the 1731 article describing the beginning of the process to create the colony of Georgia


Below are the trustees appointed by the King to create the charter colony of Georgia. Note the name of James Oglethorpe.

Below is the start of the contemporaneous report of the departing of the first settlers of Georgia departing from England on the ship Ann with James Oglethorpe at their head.

There are many other great historic articles in the two volumes. The first volume is 546 pages and the second volume, continuously numbered from the first, ends on page 1127, plus indexes.  Of most interest to American readers is the series of articles on the colony of South Carolina, which is based on a recent trip to the area. Below are some excerpts from the articles.

All in all, a wonderful historic archive and a must for Georgia history buffs and collectors.

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