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Calvin Coolidge 1924 White House Letter Framed With Photographs of His Life In Vermont And On The Campaign Trail

Letter Thanks Manager of Connecticut General Life Insurance Company (now CIGNA) for Congratulatory Letter The Month Coolidge Is Elected President

"Thank you for your fine letter of felicitations on the outcome of the election."

This fine White House letter from President Calvin Coolidge commemorates his first and only election campaign for President of the United States. It comes in the form of a letter sent the month Coolidge was elected and thanks Harry E. Barlow, the manager of an insurance company, for his congratulations on the results of the election. The letter is in fine condition and it comes framed with an election campaign picture of Coolidge and his wife Grace and one of Coolidge doing some haying on the family farm in Vermont.

Price: $450

or pay by other means described in the information and ordering page.

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